Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

A Relic

Some of you may dimly remember me banging on about clearing out the garage (Devos IV !!!), there's stuff in there we boxed when we moved in which hasn't seen the light of day in decades, some of these boxes moving with me from house to house as I make my progress around the kingdom*.

And the last box had delayed it's final opening and reckoning because it was bigger and heavier than the others.  Anyway, as you have already deduced, you geniuses, I finally got it down without it crushing me and this was one of the things I found at the bottom. 

If I really did have a museum, this'd go in it.

Such a pretty box.

With hindsight, possibly better than the contents....(?)

But there y'go.  Another little piece of history.

*just for you medievalists.

Monday, 13 November 2017

DKK Riflemen

These are the repainted riflemen from the accidental large lot I purchased some time ago.  Now the plasma guns are unfinished, they still need two drybrushes with increasingly pale blue.

The Lt, his power fist a conversion by his previous owner.  I sort of like the way it hangs, he's carrying it as if it is heavy, as if he has to keep it away from his body incase it goes off.   Whilst we're on the subject has anyone who has ever done MA or re-enactment ever given any thought to how a power fist might be used by an iggie ?  It would seem straightforward for a space marine, less so for a guardsman..... (?)

Sgt waving chainsword.  Another bonkers hang over from the Sunbeam Rd version of GW.  There's a reason these things are tools for cutting wood, not weapons for chopping up people.  Just how fast would these things have to spin to be efficacious ?

Plasma and flamers

Once again, quite fun and reasonably quick to do.

And not too many conversions here, either.

Gonna need some more Chimerae to ferry these guys around in.  Not on parade here are the QM, his tally man and the platoon standard.  All of which need a bit more work.

yep, that flamer is missing it's fuel canister.  Every time I got to him doing another stage I though 'Oh I must put him aside and get him a fuel canister...' Oh well.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Single character

This fella was in the bounty from Devon that I inherited along with the Cadian 24th.  For those of you struggling to place him, he's a Catachahchahan Officer from their initial release in 1980frozen in pack ice.   He's metal.  Oh yeah, he's solid alright.

I think he'll make a nice =I= warrior type or mercenary.  I'm quite liking how he turned out.

Next, back to actually taking a bite out of the back log, not just nibbling.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Gene Stealer cultist conversions.

Next onto the BoS are half a dozen of the gene stealer cultists converted to Iggies.  All of the cult symbols were removed, and where removal was not an option, they have been covered over with purity seals (oh, the irony).   Two of them even have devotional aqilla on their shoulders, tiny brass etch.  Claws replaced by hands (much easier to go to the loo with proper hands, if you wear clothes).

Now, these are awful.  I made a huge mistake.  After base coating them green I dipped them in army painter strong tone and then just left left them, assuming it would naturally flow off, doing it's 'dip' job and leaving me the relatively straightforward job of just colouring in the bits that needed it.

Of course it didn't flow at all and I ended up with guys who looked like they'd been slimed in some grimdark version of Ghostbusters.  I got off as much as I could and cracked on with the repair job.  So whilst I'll hold my hands up to not just 'not great' but actually 'not very good at all'.  Nonetheless, much better than they were and finished (there are three or four greens on these).

There are another half dozen somewhere with helmets on.  I'll find them somewhere, I'm sure.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

DKK Combat Engineers.

These are from that large DKK lot that I bought some time ago where a lot of the stuff needs a bit of TLC (more in a future post or two.  Or three.  Or more.) The Mole Mortar Team was already built but the rest of the engineers were still in the packet.

So up on the BoS today are are the men who will make up the rest of the Cbt Engr Det.  I havn't put these next to the ones PVP did, but the chances are they'll be on opposite sides of the table....

Having said that, I am pretty pleased with the way these turned out.  The Mole Mortar Team are scarily under equipped for soldiers in a combat zone, but that can be fixed. 

They are seriously pretty models; I know that they're everyone's favourite DKK (the grenadiers being a pain in the arse to assemble) and that there are minis out there which some may describe as 'practically painted itself', but these seven were fun to paint and gave me the confidence to begin tackling the riflemen repaints.  So yeah, they're super.

The mole mortar.  I did have a plan for powder weathering on the muddy end of that thing.  Must not forget that; if these hit the box before that happens, then it's unlikely to ever happen.  And that would be bad.

Who doesn't like a revolver fed shotgun ?  I wonder if they're cap and ball.....  Nah. 

Tube charges.  Nothing like wearing 18kg of RDX on your back to keep you facing the enemy.

The mole bombs are quite incredible pieces of technology when you consider what they have to do.  Launching them from a foot in the air ain't gonna help.  Put the lip of the launch tube on the ground and tip up to launch once the drilling heads are spinning at optimal speed. 

Gratuitous extra picture. 

Follow me. 

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Happy Halloween

Eric and Earnie this year.  No2 Daughter, who is six, did most of the cutting out on the bottom one herself.  Which was exciting for all the wrong reasons, but she's got to learn, y'know, don't have one hand inside the pumpkin when you're hacking into it with a knife, that sort of thing.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

All things come to he who waits

You may remember this post, where I outlined why I wouldn't be buying the audio book (I know a lot of people love them, painting their minis to the soundtrack of the Horus Heresy etc).  But that what I'd really like is the real book...

Obviously someone in BL is listening, cause a few weeks ago, I got this:

Which is nice, and was quickly read.  I like the British Museum,  It's great, having almost nowt about Great Britain in it, but being full of cultural treasures from around the globe appropriated by our forefathers.  Regardless of the rights and wrongs of that, I love the Assyrian/Babylonian permanent exhibit.  The Shedu gates (the one on the left is a bull, the one of the right is a lion) are a particular favourite of mine and crop up in my FRPG campaign in the most impressive settings (not that the players would ever even notice).

Image result for british museum

So now the bounty that is the internet has provided something which could quite easily become a focal point in my long planned basilica.  Heck, it doesn't even need to be the front door.  Get a load of this:

On sale here and definitely one for the Christmas list.  Possibly the only one at 75 Euro Dollars.