Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Friday, 8 March 2019

bacck to place holding

I was getting tired of the KS question, so here's more photos from the archives:

Freebooter's fate masquarade figure done as Mandrake for me by PVP:

Old School Sentinels (from Admiral Drax) done as Blood Pact by Raven's Nest Painting:

Random Imperial Shrine city picture:

Antenocti's Zebu as Police Cruisers done by Golem:

Death Riders (Uhlans) holding the center ground somewhere:

I need to get my hobby night back, it's been taken over by ballet, guides and the shopping delivery (all whilst Mrs Z is at Rock Choir). 

Sunday, 10 February 2019

Kickstarter question

Has anyone in the UK committed to this? :


There are a few bits in here which I would buy, but I'm not buying a load of STL files for a printer I don't have.

From the KS FAQ:

  • Can I buy printed Terrain?
    RM Studio Terrain is not selling prints through the kickstarter, after the campaign is successful their will be printers around the world that you will be able to purchase pre-printed terrain from.

And no, I'm not going to buy a 3D printer just for this, I did make an enquiry about some Chimera bits, but it turns out that the thing would take 9 hours of supervised printing to do.  So that's a non-starter, I don't have a spare 9hour block of time free for about another decade, so then, anyone out there got a route to getting these ?

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

The Plan for 2019

Part of 902 Div HQ Echelon - Jus' coz they're pretty.

So all of the gang over at the Bread Bunker have done pieces about doing stuff in a year.  In the past I have put up an occasional (usually the first post in Jan, but not this year) post about the vast amount of stuff I have on the go at the same time.  Like this, the last one from Jun 18.  But as previously discussed, in 2018, I spent about half of what I did in 2017, so the rules of acquisition are working (Cheers, you sexy Ferrengi !)

There's a lot going on in there (the garage). 

So this year I'm going for a four output plan:

  • City/Church Wall scenery (with a few statues) to make a processional way (or photo backdrop)
  • Finish the Macharius and Stormblade (not a lot of work, but no progress for ages)
  • Build the Christmas Vulture
  • Build the last three ASL HVM AAA (would involve buying 3x Chimerae)

And anything else will be a bonus !  So that's it, just four things to be done, with plenty of scope for all the other stuff off that list (and the Griffin models that DragonForge has in the pipeline...) being 'extra, bonus, super wonderful stuff'.


I'm hoping that picking just four things to do this year, bearing in mind the amount of time I get to 'hobby' in makes my plan achievable.  Will doing all of these push the overall Devos IV project towards completion ?  Yes, the two armoured thingies round out 902 Div, the scenery just needs to be done and the Vulture, done nicely, might get me another one when my birthday rolls around. 

And hopefully some extra things will get done as well, otherwise I'm looking at another decade to get through the plastic crack pile !

The bunker, here as an example of 'scenery', build by men without rulers or plumblines

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Christmas Post 12 - It's a bit late for that, I know.

My attempt to spend less has worked, although the figures still seem a bit high. 

Adding up the little box I added to the blog gives a 2018 total of £601.00.  I've gained (bought) Isenhorn and the Kromlech Triumphant Archway as well and also bought two sets of FW Punisher cannons (pushing £40, just for that) so with the odd bit of paint and glue, I'm possibly looking at the other side of £700.00.  Ouch.

Others have been far more successful:


In other news, I did get one of these for Christmas:

Image result for forge world vulture

From the fearsome Mrs Zzzzz.  Which hopefully is an indication of future birthday and Christmas things.  I'd have loved to pick up Blackstone Fortress and a couple of 'muda gangs but I still have a huge 'to do pile' hidden in the garage ('Closet of Doom' ?  Pah !  I'll see your cupboard and raise you a double garage....) and cannot justify adding to the pile.

I'll retire in 2035, so hopefully will have it all done by then....

I will be doing to expenditure tracker again.  And I've already started, those DragonForge Chimerae variants are too good to pass up, so they'll likely be first on the list - I get paid in the middle of the month these days (changed job, not career) so here we go again.

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Christmas Post 11 Thunderer build progress.

warhammer 40k blinde: Dkok Tanks 

Ooooh, this is somewhat sexy in a weird 40K manner.  I'm wondering about hertzer kits in the January sales now....

You may remember these three and me agonising about not having any hatches.  My hobby bacon was saved by Courtney from Cadian 127th.  He's selflessly provided the three FW hatches to further the war effort on Devos IV

The commander is from the StormBlade (the StormBlade will be getting a DKK commander). 

So the next stage for these is to colour match the camouflage.  

Monday, 31 December 2018

Christmas Post 10 Mud on the Macharius

 Warhammer Meme

More mud !  Done at the same time.  Just the same as the StormBlade, Same sort of deal - more weathering and work on the crew.  But this is progress and an end is in sight;  But it might mean stepping up the number of evenings when I touch hobby stuff; once more a week would double my part of progress. 

Sunday, 30 December 2018

Christmas Post 9 Mud on the Storm Blade

That's what's on the Brick of Scrutiny tonight, painted on fake mud, because there's not enough real mud in my life (kids, dogs, work....)

IRL, you can only just discern the carrier film around that aqilla.  But the light shows up something rotten in the photos.  

Might mix up some more thicker mud for that gap. 

More actual weathering is in order. 

Can't make the BoS much safer than this.