Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Well, that was a mistake.

I joined a military modelling graveyard (trading page) on Facebook.  Whilst this does not sound like a disaster, it did prove to be a bit naughty in that I ended up breaking my rules of procurement.  I actually only brought a book through it.  A book about tanks for $5US.

But, seeing all of those models there ("Will only ship to continental US" cropped up a bit too often, but you can't have everything...) inspired me to fish around for the bits to do another project which has really inspired me.

But the 'bits', ie suitable (perhaps 1/48th ?) kits at the right price (a kit on offer for $10US sounds good, but if the postage is another $15US, then a kit from a UK supplier for £18 is a winner...) meant that I wound up sourcing the kits from UK suppliers.  Which in turn meant that I could get two, so that there would be two of these lovely fliers for when I wanted them.

So, instead of a bargain I wound up buying two lots of suitable donor kits.  Broken rules are still broken rules even when the kits are at a reasonable price.

Far worse was joining the 'Death Korps of Krieg' trading page.  Obviously this was almost immediately a disaster.  I've left that group as well, but only after squandering an insensible amount.

The brick of scrutiny wasn't beeeg enough.

Large random collection of DKK stuff.
There is stuff here in it's raw, virginal, untouched state.  And some stuff which needs an awful lot of TLC.  There's possibly half of the (needing a new uniform) riflemen needing over half of their rifles repaired.  I didn't need any of this, it was just there at the right price.  Appalling decision making on my part - tut tut, should know better at your age, Zzzzz.  So the new stuff was ok priced but came from Sweden, so postage, although not outragous, but was still a cost.  And the other stuff, prepaid, was collected and turns out to need repair (although that Vanquisher needs no work, I'm keeping it).

So I'm now keeping away from interest-cum-trading sites on social media.  Hopefully this me actually learning from experience.  It's bloody taken long enough.


Monday, 12 September 2016

Lord Inquisitor revisited.

Just in case you hadn't picked this up from elsewhere:

I played DOW quite a lot around 2006ish.  I bought DOW2 a couple of years ago and really like the detailed Imperial cities, and the graphical representation of Eldar stuff as well as Imperial.  So there is established graphical material available in CGI out there.

But I don't think Erasmus used any of it.  This prologue is set on Holy Terra, and he's done a great job.

Looking forward to the rest.

Oh and there's this as well:

Which looks great.  I really quite admire people who do this type of thing, especially when they do it this well..  

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

If you click on this it'll be four and half minutes of your life you won't get back.

Its a quick view of Devos IV - ie my garage, not the actual imaginary planet.

It (the garage) just needs tidying up, eventually there'll be space to work - I just need to make a bit of room to manoeuvre.

This is not meant to sound like sour grapes - but I do find that most of the figure cases, there are one or two minis who actually belong in a different cases.  Obviously the answer will be to set up all three tables and actually parade them (thus allowing the orphans to return to their families).

Tuesday, 30 August 2016


OK, so over Mordian 7th there was a little bit of chatter about Mord's Deathwatch list.  He's said his vow, taken the black and is off to wall until the Wildings turn up.  Anyway, his list is:

Which obviously is a viable Knight's Watch army.  Did I write that ?  I meant Deathwatch, of course. But it doesn't seem much for three and half thousand points.  I have had a quick play with Battle Scribe.  I won't pretend to know what an "Unbound Army" is, but ten minutes dicking about gave me a viable list which I appear to unable to export by any means known to Adobe.  Oh well

  • Gen Odon with a tricked out command team in a Chimera
  • Three Platoons of three squads of Scions
  • Three Platoons of two squads of Infantry with two mortar teams each
  • Two squadrons of three Valks (with Hellfires) to move it all around 
  • A squadron of three Vendettas
  • Two Avengers with Hellfires
  • Two troops of three hydra platforms
  • a troop of three Leman Russ MBT

3540 points.

I reckon that's enough AT and AA for most situations as well as 121 squishy bodies and 35 semi-hardened bodies for most things.  Admittedly the only pies are the LRMBT and the 18 mortars, but with that many birds in the air, and the ability to pick up nearly all of the army and dump in someone's backyard (esp if you start with as many as possible embarked and in reserve), it should give most pause for thought.

Would you take on Mord's Knight's Watch list with this bunch ?  Of course, you know that I'm not interested in army list top trumps (do you have top trumps where you are ?  Does this reference make sense outside the UK ?);  but these two, at this scale, over 3000 points, are at the scale where it has become viable to field units in the size which armies would deploy.

If you consider a 1250 point engagement - those couple of squads of marines (of either persuasion) are holed up in a building somewhere; the IG, Tau, 'Nids (or even one of the other MEQ armies) is unlikely to send a small force to winkle them out.  Given the resources, you'd send a formation like that list above, or just deploy a blocking force* until you could bring a big enough hammer.

Now I know that in order to have fair pick up games etc that more or less equal points values (nearly everyone I've ever played has not been too bothered about a couple of points either way) but those last stands and unequal ambushes are staples of the fluff.  And fun to play, almost all of the time. I'm just attracted to the bigger picture.

I'm not trying to persuade you one way or the other, its just food for thought.  So there you go, a pointless post about points.

*ie not to attack or engage; just maybe harass from a distance and definitely to run away if seriously compromised.   Their mission is to simply fix the enemy in place until the big hammer arrives.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Possible Blood Pact Stalk Tank ?


So I saw this and thought "Great, its Warlord Games so these things are going to be convertable and affordable." ie plastic.  But they arn't, they're £22 and metal.  Ho hum.

I suppose if Bolt Action Konflict 47 catches on, they'll eventually be released in plastic.  Which is good.

Spinne Light Panzermech

At any rate, imagine it with all manner of sentinel armament and the pilot wearing a grotesque mask and outrageous hat.  Now £22ish is not in itself too much for a vehicle model, but I'm imagining a small detachment of these to go-a-scouting and/or provide a flanking screen for the Blood Pact.  So I'll have to keep my beady eye on them and see if BAK47 takes off to the extent that these are released in plastic...

Friday, 5 August 2016

40k 8th Edition Campaigns: An Exciting Look Ahead - Faeit 212: Warhammer 40k News and Rumors

40k 8th Edition Campaigns: An Exciting Look Ahead - Faeit 212: Warhammer 40k News and Rumors

So, as I write this (Fri 22 Jul 16) I have just blown £140 on a 12' trampoline which takes up a third of the garden.

There's a lot of stuff here which sounds, if it lives up to it (and with GWs new plastics, there's no reason why not), would see me wanting to spend some money.

New Eldar kits, new Word Eaters, new Slanneshi, er, thingies.  All good stuff.  All potentially kool lookin' stuff for the battlefields of Devos IV.

And advancing the storyline is sort of inevitable. FW are going backwards so it stands to reason that GW can go forwards.