Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Mordian 7th Iron Guard

I treated myself to an early Christmas present.  Two M7th Chimera, especially obtained from the Coldmoon fabrication yards on Forge World Kolarada.

"That's great Zzzzz, but don't you have any black paint ?"

Why yes I do, but the whole point is that they have to match the others:

Aaah, it becomes clear; following the initial assaults on the outlying areas of Xyphonica, the reduced number of Mordians (& Palladians, who were in the same Division) could all be mounted.  So by the time the city is truly invested, the remaining Mordians are fully mechanised.

Because armoured infantry are you want in a siege.   Setting that peculiarity aside the remaining Mordian assets are folded into the Palladian units and as reinforcements for other formations within 17 Korps,

Here is the platoon temporarily attached to the 699ASL, to provide them with some extra fighting power as they find themselves deficient in infanteers towards the closing phases of the campaign.

G Section, Mordian rough riders, generally, these are deployed in as a recce screen to locate enemy assets and form an actual picture of their disposition for the unit commander.

The PCS (known as 'H Section'), which includes a medicae, vox op, standard bearer and veteran armed with a GL.

The AT Squad, I Section.

J Section, Sergeant, five riflemen, GL, Vox & ML

K Section, as before.

L Section, as before.

And a detail shot of the standard, which is a work of art. 

And a final group shot, the platoon ensuring the safety of the BoS.

Friday, 8 December 2017

Finishing up those loose ends

As previously mentioned, there were things left unfinished on the latest batch of DKK.  

The blue glow on the plasma guns. 

The dirt on the end of the mole mortar - it went on looking quite light (in colour) and as they are all on grey rubble and my boards are all urban; so the concrete dust look is actually appropriate, IMO.

The poor ol' QM.  Both his ankles are pinned.  He could have been pro painted, but he looks OK.  Certainly doesn't scream out as 'painted by someone with little skill who didn't give a toss'.  So good enough then.

And the mole mortar team now look like they belong in a war zone.  They both have FW las pistols.

I'm still putting more on the platoon standard....

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

The Macharian 203rd revisited.

The previous post about these boys was the most visited post ever to appear on Devos IV.  And that wasn't all me revisiting my own handiwork, either.  Maybe something to do with the French election which was on at the same time ?  Who knows...

So this is the end of the Macron mini-project.  There are the last of them put together and painted (Oooh, look, he's painted more minis - yeah, but the scheme is suspiciously like the DKK), like before many of them have VL arms. 

There are Pig Iron punches and backpacks on show here.

Some Anvil Industry arms and assault rifles.

Some VL heavy calibre semi automatic rifles (you can jam the sear on a SLR to make it fire on full auto, but you can't expect to aim it properly).

I pinched one of the previous batch out of the case to make sure they matched.


So do they match ?  Yes.

The whole lot of them. 

I still love this guy.

Their non-tactica imperialis Organisation.  Officer & three squads of ten, only one special weapon. 

Off you go, boys.


There wasn't a lot of room left on the BoS.  The clean up was overdue.  Fortunately there is lot of slate in the garden to do the scraping with.