Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Monday, 12 March 2018

Wither the Eldar ? 500 words.

Naylor - by Pirate Viking Painting

Six figures moved slowly but noiselessly trough the ruins of the city.  It had been comprehensively bombed for four years before being shelled for a month before the failed infantry assault.  Parvell district had been silent for a long time.  This night, this dark night, under heavy clouds, a small commando team  had snuck through the ruins, carefully tracing the line of retreat of the survivors of what had been the worst combat disaster in the war.

Naylor used the molecular coring machine to extract the impact sites from the bricks.  His satchel now held a dozen or so cores taken from the east side of the city.   He chinned his microphone and voxed the Interrogator.

“That’s another sample.”
“Good.  That should be enough, you’d better get back in in case they’re still there.”
“Oh, I can feel we’re being watched.”  Naylor slipped the borrowed corer into it’s bag and reflexively reached for his machine pistols.  And then stopped.  Some sudden sub conscious thing urged him to stop.  He did, he froze, with his empty, soft gloved hands held away from his body in plain sight.

The Kasarkin escort were good, he liked that.  They’d seen him and also frozen.  The five of them were arrayed around him in a defensive posture.  They were quiet and covered their arcs and had taken all their ques from him as they had moved into the city.
His eyes scanned around, and then he saw it, a faint pattern of three bars forming a triangle on the outside knee of one of the Kasarkin.   Holding one hand up to the squad leader, he moved, as nonchalantly as he could, moving up from a combat orientated half crouch to his usual height.

He sort of half sauntered out of cover, six steps that he hoped didn’t look too hesitant.  If he was right, no sweat, if he was wrong, they were likely all dead anyway.  When he was close enough, he stretched out an arm until he could just make out the faint triangle on the palm of his left hand.  The lights went out.  Naylor looked up to where he thought the lurking presence might be.  But even with his augmentation he’d never see anything out there, he knew that from bitter experience.

The hand held up to the Squad Leader changed to a single finger making a small circle in the air and Naylor reached for the comfort of his machine pistols.  The Kasarkin were already on the move, pepper potting back towards the Imperial lines, trusting that he would be the sixth member of their team in their tactical movement back towards comparative safety. 

As he did, he chinned the mic again.  “It was definitely them, looking around here, they’re the only reason that those Llar got out of the trap.”  He took an age, perhaps as long as three or four seconds, to gaze back at where the Eldar might have been.   But it was time to be somewhere else. 

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Actual tracking of the project.

It's towards the end of Q1/2018 so lets see what progress has been made:  I've deleted the lines where things were already declared 'done' at the end of 2017.

Mad max post apoc scavvies
Post apoc war rig 
DKK Engr, golliaths, Hades Drill               Engrs Done, rest is WIP. 
2 DKK Engr Chimera
DKK Gren                                               Built
DKK re-arms                                           Un-built, need arms.
DKK Hvy Wpns                                        Need to be un-built
Jornathi grunts                                       Built
Meridian Infantry Coy
Delaques                                                WIP
BP BFG Crews
BP Bradley                                             Opened the box
Blood pacters                                         WIP
Last thunderer
Assorted civvies & pilgrims              WIP
7 BP Half tracks
4 Esienkarn APCs
2 Lynx HQ vehicles
1 Chimera HQ vehicle
Ad mech bodies 
6 SAM launchers                                     3 Done
2nd regt rebuilds
2 Chaos spawn (bones cthuloids)             1 built, 1 painted
4 Star Wars Vendettas
ARC 170 fighter bomber
2 Thunderhinds
=I= Gun Cutter (Millennium Falcon)          Needs more work
TGG Nuns with guns                                 Contracted out
And an entire Space Wolf army.

And some added things:

3 ASL STuGs                                          Done
DKK LRMBT                                           Done
6 Mortian 'King Russ' MBT                       2 Built
Gregor Eisenhorn

Monday, 5 March 2018

Actual Thunderers

So these are the last of the 'moments of weakness' acquisitions from the DKK facebook page.  The vendor was floggin' 'em cheap as he was pretty sure that they were knock offs.

Now I've held forth before on why we have a moral duty to buy original products from their title holders; the corollary being that to keep buying knock offs will put the actual creators of our hobby stuff out of business.  And that if that were the case, we the tax payers would end up supporting those creators and their dependants etc.

Plus illegally copying other peoples work/products is reprehensible in it's own right and therefore using these dirty things is really on a bar with pirate DVDs or other knock off goods.

So what makes these knock off's ? some of the panels are thin, the interior of the castings is not clean like a FW casting, it's blobby like a six year old's craft project.  And whilst they came with track sides, FW ones come with a complete LRMBT kit including accessory sprue.  And these don't even have hatches on the cupolas.

I had to fashion the bottom from plasticard, along with the front glacis plate.  There were a lot of gaps to fill and an area across the front which I tidied up with a section of plasticard 'u' section.  Three spare parts from the chimera kit lend a more heavily riveted look to the front glacis.

So what's to be done ?  I'm undecided at the moment - I was going to turn them over to FW, but then I built them.  The Ozark Mountain Daredevils, that well known Combat Engineer unit, could do with them.  Ho Hum.  When I surrendered the knock off DKK Death Rider Commissar to FW, I was able to give them the name of the e-Bay vendor.  So they had a chance to follow the trail back to the counterfitter.

The guy in the FB group gave them up because he wasn't too pleased with them.  He doesn't deserve an unsolicited interruption and the trail back to the actual counterfitter is likely tortuous and/or broken anyway. Awkward...

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Wip STuG Zug

That unpainted line on the tarp roll needs addressing.  And the ammo boxes need some ammo box transfers, fortunately I have some, I just have to find them.

Dust is ok, but still loose and needs sealing in.  The panther markings are good, before the numbers are applied.  Heck, even the red is the same (those panthers are from the old Bretonnian transfer sheets).  But the white outline makes the numbers pop, which is a shame, as the panthers then look a bit meh.

Pencil over the tracks is in order, as is some work on the straps.

And those jerrycans.  They need to be a colour.  Either green or a deep orangey yellow.

And that searchlight lens, it needs to match the rest of the ASL stuff.

But on the whole, I like the low, mean, look.

More ammo boxes needing labels. And that GW stowage needs colouring in properly.

On the whole, these are almost there as well.