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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

escalation tactics

Just in case you are paying attention; The three posts of escalation army lists, whilst thrown together based on the available models and what I hope to be able to finish before the weather turns nice again, are built around some tactical principals based on their fluff.

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The Bloodcoats list is two firebases; one of nine mortars and one of nine auto cannons. This force is designed to sit still and ensure that by the time their opponent reaches their lines, there is nothing left of them. Additionally, there are enough infantry squads to provide both blubblewrap for the heavy weapons and also a manoeuvre force. The rouge (primaries) psyker is just a bit of fun.

Set the mortar teams up near your own table edge behind cover. Set the auto cannon up somewhere in your own deployment zone with clear fields of fire. The bubble wrap squads (and perhaps one platoon command squad) need to be near to the heavy weapons to get in the way of infiltrators or other assault troops. The majority of the infantry squads, led by their commanders should set off for any distant objectives and hope for the best.

The Tigers have gone for manoeuvre assets; there are two tanks and full squadron of sentinels. If the multilaser sentinel can keep other threats away from the sentinels for long enough, then they should be able to get into flamer range. There are scoring infantry there, but not a huge amount. One idea might be to move the tanks slowly down the middle of the board, with the sentinels hiding behind them as a counter attacking or sudden blow type force.

The Disciples of (Xyphon) Chaux Na Mrr’see infiltrate to near as they can get to an objective. The tanks advance up in support, with the rest of the force making best use of cover (including the tanks themselves) to protect their advance.

The Emperor’s Children, if they get painted in time, can dominate the centre of the board; the lash prince can feed enemy units to the defiler. The Predators and noise marines have enough firepower to keep the daemon price and the defiler safe.

If they do well enough the defiler and daemon prince can just rampage through the enemy lines whilst the predators stand off in support.

The 2nd Regt force is peppered with enough anti tank to take on a mechanised enemy. Their line up also includes a laser destroyer. They are led by a Lord Commissar to make sure that no one runs away (or that anyone who does so does not get very far) and a pskyer battle squad.

Each platoon has a healthy fire base and just enough squads to provide bubble wrap. With the laser destroyer as chief bullet catcher, they should be able to hold a line.

The Kado (Valhallan) force is based around well equipped platoons, one with an anti tank detachment from the Armageddon Steel Legion and the force as a whole is supported by a Legion armoured anti tank sentinel detachment.

Their strength is in platoons of four squads. Possibly enough to press home an assault against the right foe; certainly a lot of firepower at rapid firing range.

The Inquistorial force contains a number of reasonable Close Combat units, a light infantry platoon and of course the inquitrix’s team itself. Witches beware.

The Inquisitorial Storm Troopers could be deployed either to buff up the infantry platoon or to provide a little ranged capability to the Inquisitorial squads. The infantry platoon’s sniper detachment needs to pin enemy assets prior to assault by either the death cult assassins or the Sisters Repentia.

The Bel Tain Sacred Guard force should be deployed as a fire base of reapers and rangers. The rest come on from reserve in a bunch and charge up one flank. As reserves are rolled for one unit at a time they will have to wait until there enough of them are there to make it worth advancing. Get the wraithlords on the table, in cover and start shooting. When the assault force is there, the Avengers are there to shoot anything before the seer council and wraithlords hit it.

The Elui strike force is designed to fly about in their tanks, 24” for the 4+ cover save and deliver the hard hitting contents to bring max pressure to bear on one enemy flank. The scorpions should precede the armour by attacking from their infiltrated position. The whole force should hit one side of the enemy line, leaving the rangers to cover them from a distance.

The Kabal’s HQ Raider is equipped with a torture amp to enable it to tank shock into the enemy. The Dracon, Incubi master and incubi should then be able to tie down one flank on their own. The ravager must stand off and shoot at opposing armour. The other raiders shoot tanks with their dark lances and then deposit 30 DE warriors 5 ½ “ away from the opposition. Shoot and charge.

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