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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Progress. A post mostly about motivation.

Ok. Taken with a telephone whilst I was leaving for work in a hurry. These are all WIP. You'll see that only one or two are based. Above is a flock of servitors. I'm pretty sure that's the right collective. They need their flesh doing and a bit of tidying up.
More "servitors". Urban mammoth figures that make nice cyborgs. And a viridian (a scotia grendel one, not a more recent casting) with a catchan flag. I'm going to have to find a picture of a Catchan holding that flag to help me paint it.

Lord Commissar, ASL man with Orc head and platoon standard. You can't see it in this pciture but the orc head has turned out quite nice and the standard is rubbish. Primaris spooker and metal cadian standard bearer.

A priest (redemptionist body, mounted maruder head and random hands), Vostroyan officer, DIY servitor and free-with-WD orc nob.
So if the paint jobs are indifferent and WIP and the photography leaves something to be desired, what is the point of this post ? It keeps the blog alive. It shows that I have made some progress since Christmas, despite not being able to get into the garage for the cold. And it hopefully will encourage me to continue working away at it.
I like the Lord Commissar and the Vostroyan - they are OK for the table top and nearly finished. As are the cyborg figures. I suspect that as this batch nears 'ok' status I'll start to feel a bit better about some of the other figures that I have to paint. I hope to have made quite a dent in the 'to paint' bunch before the weather warms up and I get back in to the garage to confront the plastic crack mountain.

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