Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Friday, 26 March 2010

More scenery (spelled correctly, this time)

This is the pegasus model's gothic tower with some extra bits. I've scratch built an extra floor (I know it's not full height - but I was aiming for getting it level) to display the Aqilla. And there are a set of CoD Aqilla doors on the ground floor as well.
This is it from the rear, with a CoD panel to decorate the plasticard ground floor. I'm going to try and come up with a stencil of something suitably imperium of man-ish for the blank walls. You might be able to make out the roof tile plasticard behind the tower; that'll go on the cardboard roof after the rest of it has been based and painted. And more than likely stuck together as well, the floors are still separates. I was thinking of leaving them as such so that the tower could be lowered one floor at a time as it was shot at during games. However the flying butresses, as constructed, knit into the fabric of the tower and I suspect that the extra floor will look least obviously alien to the rest of the building if its done as a whole.

This is the rest of it. You'll note that I've lost a bit and replaced it with foamboard. Ho hum.

An A4 peice of foamboard showing how it buts up against the lugs in the top of the pillars. This will be trimmed down (and the offcuts carefully shaped to fill the narrow gaps at the ends) to fit and then triangular peices cut to support the cardboard roof. I might leave the roof unsecured, so that it can taken off to simulate damage.


  1. Awesome stuff.

    Are you planning to get some textured plasticard for the foamboard floor?

  2. I've got off cuts from previously done buildings. So a few broken floors might be in order. Or I might stretch to 85p for a new sheet or two.

    Of course, I might cop out and just roughcoat it...