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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Merry Christmas

(picture of sidebooms lowering 48" pipe into its trench. One of the better moments of the last three years)

Laid off.

Bah ! I didn't like working for them anyway....

On the plus side, more time for hobby stuff. On the minus side, a lot of the abundance of time will be spent looking for work. And also on the minus side, the absence of money will be a problem. On the plus side, I won't have to go anywhere on snowy icy roads at daft times of the morning. Unless I get an interview.

Once again struck by the awfulness of being made redundant juxtaposed against being free of 'not be best employer I have ever worked for'. And the desire to have some time to walk the dogs, paint little men, get my 10K time back down below 40 minutes and my climbing grade back up to HVS (maybe about 5.9 for those of you in the US). Against this is the desire to get back into work and actually further my career (hard to believe, but when I'm doing well or feel that I'm getting somewhere, I do actually enjoy my work, just don't tell anyone eh ?)

PS, Yes Admiral D, they are my DKK, my apologies for not repsonding earlier, only recently caught your question.


  1. Man, that sucks.

    I really can't offer anything more constructive than that either, I'm afraid: just my sympathies and best wishes for a speedy return to employment.

    - D.

  2. Cheers Admiral. You'll have picked up from my occasional work related posts that things havn't been great for a year or so. So whilst I'm certainly anxious about things and stuff, nonetheless it is as if a large weight has been lifted from my mojo.

  3. Good attitude fella ... best of luck and enjoy the time as best you can.

  4. My own recent experience gave me insight into a peculiar emotional mixture of relief, anxiety, eagerness and trepidation.
    Or more specifically "great, I can not worry about the company, and will have loads of time to do slightly pointless fun/game things; but then again I have to worry about what I will live on...". But like you I am usually phelgmatic enough to cope. ;-)
    ¿Qué será? ('what will be?') as they say in Spanish (though apparently they don't say the second será of the song, hecause that is ungrammatical, ahem...)