Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Er, dunno where these'll fit in.

I got some legs from 'let the dice decide' and the rest are leftovers from other projects

These guys look like a decent kill team, all fitted out with laser range finders and lamps for night fighting. P'haps.

So the bits built two command squads (good for Apoc, where I'll be scattering them like confetti). I'm currently writing them up as the Margrav Hakisyke's household guard, just so I squeeze them into my army somewhere. I'm thinking black with very dark fatigues, sort of like the Death Star fellas.

For anyone who doesn't know - those are the heads for the Wargames Factory greatcoat stormtroopers. A small amount of butchery to get them to sit where I wanted, but then, they'll pass once they are painted.

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