Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

ASL getting there.

The ASL's armoured bit is now all finished to the same degree. This week, I shall attempt to bring their Infantry to the same point, the individual soldiers and the Chimera.

You can, if you look carefully, descern the different LRMBT models; the newer ones have a distinct slope to their vorpanzer. The Sqn HQ is the (# 400, naturally) LRMBT at the rear, along with the 2iC's Executioner.

So there are two troops of LRMBT (incl an executioner and an anhilator, one in each troop) and two 'stompa hunter' troops; armoured sentinals with LC, although each of these troops has one 'executioner' model with a Plasma Cannon.


  1. Man thats alot of armour and some very nice paintwork indeed. I love the attention to detail and how much they look like the old German panzer colour scheme.

  2. Gotta love a line of armour, feel the ground shake boys!

  3. an Emporer's fist?


    where's that going?

  4. Thank you gentlemen, I am pleased with them. I may even rip up another sponge once the Chimera are done.

    To answer your (Karitas') question directly, they are built as gun platforms (battle cannon and hull mounted HB), so in a points game, at the back, chucking out templates. But for Apoc, some sort of mass assault would seem to be in order.