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Sunday, 26 August 2012

DKK Vehicle Fleet redux

So I put in a bit of work in the week and got this far; (if it's the right photo) you can see the two unpainted eagle doors at the back of the painted command group.  And the three painted eagle doors at the rear of the new platoon command busses (three come along at once...)  All five new busses are undercoated (black on the bottom, white on the top).

I can recommend to anyone keeping a reserve of unmade Chimerae under your workbench just in case you need them.

The gap previously seen in the previous post has moved up the formation and is quite evident here.

And this morning plugged the gap with the final bus and base coated them.  So there are now five more stages.

  1. Camouflage
  2. decals 
  3. weathering
  4. Stowage
  5. Commanders

But the new kitchen arrives soon and so these fine fellows are getting boxed up and the table put away to make way for tiles, ovens and kitchen units. 


  1. Still can't get over just how many there are in that collection. Wow.

  2. Karitas; its the influence of the fabricator general's visit, it still hasn't worn off yet. I am pleased, considering the DKK19Armd Regt was an understrength Chimera Coy a month ago, it now has all its LRMBT and all its Chimerae.

    Dai, if you ever get to come back this way to visit your rellies; and in that time have an opportunity to drop by, let me know and if I'm in I'll give you the tour of what isn't built.

  3. Wow that's a crapload of tanks! They're looking awesome.