Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Monday, 9 December 2013

Pirate Viking Painting: Corsair Double Feature

Pirate Viking Painting: Corsair Double Feature: Hi folks, now that the excitement over the time-bothering, phonebox dwelling vagrant is dying down again I can return you to our regular pro...

Ha haha !  Just had a visit from PVP; He has dropped off more Pirate Viking Space Elves.  Good job too, as Karitas is stock piling space wolves.

As the PVP alludes to on his blog, the grey colour really doesn't come out too well in the photos, either the infantry or vehicles.  Rest assured that these are a thing of beauty.  Deadly and stylish, gotta love that.


  1. An unprecedented military build up? vast weapon stockpiles? High tensions on a small, contested Icy planet?

    Sounds like a recipe for fun to me,I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

    Oh, what does THAT button do?

  2. Ew... Space elves are rubbish. Bring back squats I say!

  3. Just for you two, I've added a picture. Just a taste.

  4. Love his work - and I've really enjoyed seeing the corsairs come together. Hope to see one of your astounding games with 'em in action soon!

  5. That said, we should try and find a date we can get a game in, and see if we can make it happen....

    related - I'm also looking for the opportunity to slip into conversation with my partner that one of the things that needs to happen as i reach my two score at the end of june is a gaming binge of some kind. stay tuned.

    1. Ooooooh. We should talk. I want to hire the whole of the NEC and layout the path from Randstad to Xyphonica.