Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Friday, 19 September 2014

902 Div Staff Officers

New FW figures on scibor bases.  The officer in the senior officer's helmet is brandishing a Heresy miniatures las pistol with integral sight. 

Of course these arn't really new FW figures.  Just head swaps. 

From the box DKK vox operator and a commissar with a FW cadian gas mask head. 

It took several chops to shave the poor ol' head down to a decent fit. 

A bodyguard body, commissar head, vicky lamb sword arm, heresy las pistol. 

All FW bits. I think these make good officers. 

Here they are together, chatting amiably about martyring their regiments for the Emperor. Which is what passes for banter in DKK formations. 


  1. Very nicely done on the headswaps. Classy bunch of gents.

  2. Great stuff as always. The DKKr range is filedwith fantastic bits and pieces.

    How big is the officer Corp going to be? It seems to get bigger with each post!