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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

The end of times.

In case you'd n'er seen it, Wobbly model syndrome is a 40K web comic.  Sometimes inspired, sometimes oblique or obscure, but always entertaining.

It's here: Wobblymodelsyndrome

Anyway, the author is pulling the plug, quitting whilst he is still ahead, as it were.

With so many of us quitting 40K for FoW, Starwars and 30K, it really does look like the end of times.

Oh well. it's only a hobby.

Update for 07 Mar 15.  Now Polish Minatures is folding up as well.


  1. I'm definitely not quitting 40K. I'm certainly looking at more alternative games, like Infinity and Malifaux, but I'm never really going to leave 40K behind. :)

  2. I am, wanna buy some Nurgel Marines? O wait..... :P

  3. I feel more in love with the game now, in 7th, than I have since 3rd Edition. But that's me, I do sense the community is crumbling a little.

    Love your blog, I have a link up from my own-


    Hope you stay on with the game.

  4. I've got too much - gone too far down the rabbit hole to back out now. Got to crack on with the Devos IV story and see if I can keep people interested.

  5. Crumbs - this is (I think) the most despondent post I've ever read from you! Have faith!

    If it helps, as I re-calibrate my hobbying I feel myself modelling[!] my approach to 40K more and more on your approach [expenditure and storage notwithstanding].

    In fact, as far as rules etc go, I think I am (in the immortal words of Lowestoft band The Darkness) 'giving up, giving up giving a fuck!'.

    "The Emperor Protects"

    1. [probably because by now the Emperor himself must have shares in Devos IV]

  6. Its sad to see it going the way it is, but I think the current version has the most potential as a game of any edition of 40K I've played. Problem for the community is that its not much of a tournament game, and like it or not, those types drive a lot of the online community.
    I've enjoyed the few games of 7th I've played and would do more if only the dreaded RL didn't keep on getting in the way.

    1. As we're not that far apart, perhaps we ought to do something about that.

  7. Part of the 'thing' is that I only buy the BRB in order to have one, not to actually read and learn the rules. So, AFAIK, there is no appreciable difference between editions.

    One of the things I really like about 40K is that it is fundamentally robust; you can play Kill Team and just keep adding units until you're playing Apocalypse.

    1. Its definitely got a flexibility to it, and enough variations that you can play it at any scale you choose to. I always hope that one day they could find a way to make their rules truly scaleable, so that you play with the same ruleset at kill team level all the way up to Apocalypse, but I think that is more of a pipe dream as I don't think its workable.

      I'm one of those types that loves the hobby side of things, but I also get as much enjoyment from pitting myself against my opponent and the rules to play as "hard" a game as possible, something that was very good in 5th, but with the massive increase in variation possible in the newer rulesets is less about what happens on the table, and more about what list you bring along (at least at the level I play at, the best generals can make almost any list work).

      We should definitely get in a few more games sometime, do you think the garage is in any way habitable at the moment?