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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

The Macharian 203rd revisited.

The previous post about these boys was the most visited post ever to appear on Devos IV.  And that wasn't all me revisiting my own handiwork, either.  Maybe something to do with the French election which was on at the same time ?  Who knows...

So this is the end of the Macron mini-project.  There are the last of them put together and painted (Oooh, look, he's painted more minis - yeah, but the scheme is suspiciously like the DKK), like before many of them have VL arms. 

There are Pig Iron punches and backpacks on show here.

Some Anvil Industry arms and assault rifles.

Some VL heavy calibre semi automatic rifles (you can jam the sear on a SLR to make it fire on full auto, but you can't expect to aim it properly).

I pinched one of the previous batch out of the case to make sure they matched.


So do they match ?  Yes.

The whole lot of them. 

I still love this guy.

Their non-tactica imperialis Organisation.  Officer & three squads of ten, only one special weapon. 

Off you go, boys.


  1. Looking great. I love the background for these guys. What tactic will these guys use?

  2. Lovely looking unit! Always enjoy seeing your guard ranked up!

  3. Love 'em. Remind me of the old Warzone Imperial Trenchers.

    Who's the officer sculpt by?

  4. These guys are awesome. Love those Puppets War heads. Ill eventually get mine used someday.

    Dai is the officer not just the FW Cadian one but on New legs ?

    Zzzzz, have you seen the Blight Wheel miniatures British Officer & standard bearer? They'd work perfectly with your guys.

  5. https://www.blightwheelminiatures.com/hellington-standard-bearer-1

    The officers out of stock just now :(

  6. These are, I think, amongst my favourite of all of your troops. Lovely.

  7. Thank you gentlemen, I like 'em too.

    @Kev, I suspect that if they ever see a game, they'll probably end up as a platoon blob.

    @Dahedd, he's in the garage ;) Although I was going to chop his head off so he can join the Blood Pact....

    1. These are great Zzzz, I like the trencher look you went with. Got some of those Victoria parts too theyre nice.

  8. Nooooooo. U NEED him as platoon/company standard bearer

  9. Great minis, lots of different sources for the bits but they all tie in nicely to create some really believable Guardsmen.