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Sunday, 6 January 2019

Christmas Post 12 - It's a bit late for that, I know.

My attempt to spend less has worked, although the figures still seem a bit high. 

Adding up the little box I added to the blog gives a 2018 total of £601.00.  I've gained (bought) Isenhorn and the Kromlech Triumphant Archway as well and also bought two sets of FW Punisher cannons (pushing £40, just for that) so with the odd bit of paint and glue, I'm possibly looking at the other side of £700.00.  Ouch.

Others have been far more successful:


In other news, I did get one of these for Christmas:

Image result for forge world vulture

From the fearsome Mrs Zzzzz.  Which hopefully is an indication of future birthday and Christmas things.  I'd have loved to pick up Blackstone Fortress and a couple of 'muda gangs but I still have a huge 'to do pile' hidden in the garage ('Closet of Doom' ?  Pah !  I'll see your cupboard and raise you a double garage....) and cannot justify adding to the pile.

I'll retire in 2035, so hopefully will have it all done by then....

I will be doing to expenditure tracker again.  And I've already started, those DragonForge Chimerae variants are too good to pass up, so they'll likely be first on the list - I get paid in the middle of the month these days (changed job, not career) so here we go again.


  1. My to do list rivals yours, and I am waiting for retirement so I can get it done after that! Lol

  2. My 'to do' list pales in comparison however I am expecting a delivery of 57 Praetorians from Italy! Lots of special weapon squads inbound.

  3. Retirement? Sigh...that's so far off that sometimes I wonder if I'll just work till I die.

  4. The plastic crack is calling you...

    I utterly envy you Mrs Zzzzzz's patience and indulgence!

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