Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Friday, 8 March 2019

bacck to place holding

I was getting tired of the KS question, so here's more photos from the archives:

Freebooter's fate masquarade figure done as Mandrake for me by PVP:

Old School Sentinels (from Admiral Drax) done as Blood Pact by Raven's Nest Painting:

Random Imperial Shrine city picture:

Antenocti's Zebu as Police Cruisers done by Golem:

Death Riders (Uhlans) holding the center ground somewhere:

I need to get my hobby night back, it's been taken over by ballet, guides and the shopping delivery (all whilst Mrs Z is at Rock Choir). 


  1. Nice work...

    ...and PROPERLY LOVING those sentinels: you've really done them justice!

  2. Love the archives mate.

    What...Rock Choir!?

    1. Oi Ackland! What happened to updating your blog on your Guards adventure across the globe??

  3. Cheers AD ! They're a wonderful 2ed thing...

    Col A - yep, although it's more 'pop choir' really, they could do with more Heavy Metal.

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