Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Saturday, 9 November 2019

No change here...

Stolen pict - this by Arkuion from the 'Doom of Sevarus Prime' project.  Worth either a google or just look him up on deviantart. 

I'm still suffering from an excess of Real LifeTM and now the weather has turned too cold and wet to allow any work in the garage.  I hope all of you out there are getting some me time/hobby time and all that good stuff. 


  1. Here's hoping Real Life will give you a break soon!

  2. Hope that you can get some hobby time in spite of real life... what about an electric heater in the garage to warm things up?

  3. Bad weather? Time to bring some models inside hey. ;)

  4. I feel your pain, some months it seems hobbying of any sort simply isn't an option. :-(

  5. Been that way for me too of late. Regardless, free time will come about, eventually.

  6. Cheers gents. There's loadsa stuff piled up in the garage. The pace of things at the minute just means that if I get down time, I'm just monged out.

    Here's looking forward to a bit more time in the future !