Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Friday, 1 May 2020

It's possibly the future Part 1

This was printed for me by the son of one of my friends, who being 11, must remain anonymous.  Not Steve, he's old and crusty like me, but those world is run by grown ups don't really need to be on the internet before they're ready. 

So this is Forpost D6's chimera hull.  If you search up Forpost D6 on shapeways, this is one of the wonders on there.  He'll print one out and post it to you for £60ish, but you can down load the file and print your own for gratis.

So Steve and I are chatting away and the conversation eventually gets to where his boy has printed his own Iron Man mask (pretty kool for 11).  I remember seeing this file whilst browsing and asked nicely.  So a couple of these were run off for me. 

The model, as you can see, is a pretty good facsimile of a chimera hull.  It comes up a little short and slightly narrow, but only 1 or 2 mm, as you will see in a future post, nothing that a bit of creative construction can't get round.  And it possibly protects Forpost D6 from legal action (?)

The striations on the model might be avoidable with a tweak of the printer settings, again not something I know too much about.  They are not a problem with regard to the model anyway.  

So.  On the strength of this (before I'd seen this print), I asked Mrs Zzzzz for a 3D Printer for Chrimbo.  As soon as we're out of lock down, I'll see about building the blinkin' thing. 

It's Sun 19 Mar 20, btw.  I've found left over Chimera bits from when I've used the hull on other conversions.  And done a little work there, so you'll see that in a short while. 


  1. Inevitable in the long run. But GW ban-Hammer will fall a few times (rightly so if based on its IP) until a happy medium or GW embraces tech and releases its own files. But a few years to go before the faff and roughness is as good as injection moulding

  2. The model is a generic 28mm armoured vehicle hull.

    We know what it is inspired by but there are no eagles or other '40K' motifs present. There are also differences. No built in weapon mount on the forward hull. No side hatch. The venting along the side is common to the Matilda and so on.

    It'a a good product for you. I know from posts a couple of years ago that you were always on the look out for Chimera hulls from bits sellers.

  3. Thats an impressive print. The detail is good, and the texture gives the impression of Zimmerit on the hull.

  4. A better looking print than others I’ve seen but still has those horrid lines that would require smoothing which is a nightmare project.

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