Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

22nd Armegeddon Steel Legion Armd Regt

Coy HQ. The OC and 2iC's Panzers. Not quite sure who will get the executioner. Probably the 2iC.

1 Troop. The anhillator is nice - the guns fitted straight into the 'old' LRMBT turret, no trouble. The first bits of vorpanzer were spaced out from the turret on spare GW single track links. But I might need my stock of those as I work my way through the Chimerasaurs, so the later ones are all spaced on the thinner sections of tank wheel sprue.

There is another troop to add to this little bundle of tankie goodness, but I have yet to receive the models. Also, I have stuck another ten gasmask/beret heads on cadian bodies, pending some arms. These will be detachments from the Devos IV 1st (Special Forces) Regiment. I'm imagining dark grey fatigues, black flak and red berets. Sort of like guardian angels (from the 1980s) with melta guns.

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