Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Real Artillery

This is the iggy Basilisk. It is quite often seen in hand to hand combat with everyone the IG fights. It has a scale range of, well, not very far.

Jessica Alba, if you ask me.

This is FH 70. For those unfamiliar with arty systems, the barrel has been reversed over the trails (legs). It would be other way 'round when brought into action (made ready for to fire). It would normally be towed, the little engine is just to get it into final position and power the hydraulics. (interesting anecdote - The Indians bought them without the engine and have 55 person crews to man handle them into position.)

FH70 has a planning range of 17km. ie an FH 70 battery would be placed 17km behind the front line; it has enough give and take in it's range and capabilities to cope with the front line moving a few km in either direction.

On a 6' x 4' board, the FH 70 would still be a football pitch or two away. I'll quite happily pay the points for the bombardment. No way am I putting a Basilisk on the tabletop.


  1. I agree wholeheartedly...and I spent a number of years playing with 105 light guns.

    No way should arty be a turn's charge away from the front line...in the same way as Wossisname Creed really shouldn't be taking the place of a company commander...in the same way that an infantry platoon is faily unlikely to be given a battle tank and a flamethrower tank to keep them company on a patrol...

    ...but then, I suppose that's what we get with 40K. I've long since stopped using basilisks for much the same reasons.

    Whatever next? Single-use huge missile launchers for use in a skirmish against twenty enemy? Oh...wait -

  2. Can you have deathstrike launcher (& missile) in Kill Team ?