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Friday, 25 May 2012

Figure Comparisons

 The two guys in berets are GW Canadians with defiance games arms and legs.  Those bases are the defiance ones as well.  Very impressed with the defiance models.  The wargames factory greatcoat troopers were one thing; these are a country mile ahead.  The realistic arms look a bit odd on the Cadian torso; only careful positioning allows a good fit, otherwise the bulk of the Cadian body armour forces the arm out at an odd angle.  One these guys (Minders for future penal squads) the gap is hidden under pultrons from the new Chimera kit.  I only bought one box, but will almost certainly find some excuse to buy more.  The Krieg guy with the tank commander's legs is supposed to be a dismounted tankie, he will be standing around with the command group eventually. He looks a little strange unpainted but I'm confident that he will blend in when he's painted.

 Gors in space.  Began with the Gor body and just Catachchahchahcnen arms; the Gor body is too barrel chested for a great fit so the subsequent ones are sawn off at the waist with Chechen torsos as well as arms.  I hope you can see that they are physically huge by comparison with the more normal humans.  Good foundation for a kill team, I thought. 

These are Warlord Games British Commandos.  They are armed with a mixture of Victoria Lamb and FW weapons.  The heads are Westwind Saxons (with and without hoods, natch).  GS-ing the cloaks will be a challenge.  These figures are more slight than even FW ones, but easily fit in, either as peasants or hivers with their low protein diets. 


  1. quite an impressive and suitably motley crÜe

    been sniffing around those commandoes myself as the basis for a WW2 skirmish game...

    oh, also, if you're throwing mercenaries like the Gor into a force... thought about kroot? I only ask, cos well, i like the models. :)

    as to GS cloaks, there's a couple of ways to do them, the first and easiest, which is how i started with mine and you can see catalogued on my blog, is simply to cut a sheet to size, attach and drape. (watch out for fingerprints!)

    a more effective way, which is how i do them now, is to first put a "block out" of where it's going on, then once that sets, go in and sculpt folds with wee sausages, it sounds harder, but actually theres not much in it.

    next time we are in the same county, i'll show you how I go about it if you like :)

  2. The more I see of those Defiance minis, the more I like them. Might have to dip my toe in that line a lot sooner than planned.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your beastmen - hope you'll post more pics of them as you progress through to painting!

  3. GW Canadians eh? :) Best troops available.. nice conversions though. Which army are they going to be going to?

  4. Karitas, Love the Kroot; My Bel Tainn Farseer has a Kroot Bodyguard. (it's in my codex) Will give the cloaks some thought. Suspect I may end up breaking the mini trying to cloak it, but I plan on giving it a go. I was trying to think of a way of getting a Faster Pussycat reference into this reply...

    Dai, done another couple, will get the pictures up for you this week.

    Mr Lee, all these are separates at the moment. Always planned on getting the little white maple leaf tac signs from Archer Miniatures and replacing the skull in the cadian gate with the maple leaf...