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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Death Cult Assasins

When the ROK fell crashed into the San Cantor Hive some 800 years ago, along with the other damage, a lot of the forwarned population were already evacuating the habs.  Thus the death toll was lower than otherwise might have been, but the noise and pressure wave were immense.

By the end of that war, the continent of Benq was still left with between 400% and 500% of the usual deaf population for the number of persons on the planet.  One of the main focii of the resulting efforts of the Ecclesiasty was returning these persons to a useful role in society.  This was aided by the large mechanicum presence and many persons with augments went on to do many good things.

That was eight centuries ago; the association between the deaf and the church persisted a long time and with the churches involvement in births, deaths and marriages, somewhere along the line 'deaf' was misheard.  Or perhaps willfully transcripted incorrectly.  On Devos IV there are a number of shrines to the Cult Imperialis; those run by the Sororitas inevitably have a cadre of assasins.

Thus there are any number of Death Cult cells, active and dormant, across Benq and Acer.  Like their mother shrines, some of these remain in the Emperor's Light and some have gone over to the enemy.  Given the predeliction of soldiers to fraternise and philander, these could well become a decisive factor in the coming campaign.

These ladies are Hasslefree.  Paint by Golem.


  1. Had to do a double take there.. Benq and Acer? Mmm ok.. :)

    Nice painting on these ladies.. and good backstory on them to boot!

  2. Yyyyyyyyyyeah.

    There are a couple of people out there who work with a lot of that type of product; but they are as likely names for continents as anything else I could come up with.

    And if I had gone for Thales and Raythorne it would have been a bit obvious.

  3. Deaf Cult assassins! Love it!