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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Devos IV PDF 99th "Bloodcoat" Infantry Regiment


The Devos IV PDF's 99th Regiment has been traced by local historians to having its origins in the Ad Mech forces that were active in the system some 800 years ago.  Exact details are a matter for debate, however it is asserted that the red uniform from which the modern reigment takes its name is due to its origins as an Ad Mech Auxillia.  The Officers of the Regiment still formally dine on the Omnissiah's holy days. 


In the recent past, the regiments numbers have been expanded, with a recruiting drive partially driven by the personnality cult surrounding the former Commanding Officer of the regiment, General Horpan.  This has allowed all five battalions to expand from nine to tweleve companies, swelling each battalion to 2760 officers and men, organised into uniform companies of three rifle platoons (of five squads) and a support platoon with the usual direct and indirect assets


Additionally, the Regiment deploys centrally held assets out to battalions on a mission-based system; this could include members of the regimental Psyker Detachment as well as PLA Morale Officers ("enforcers") and attached members of the Internal Security Police (not pictured)
Agents of his most holy Inquisition have identified strongly heretical elements within the regiment's rank and file.  Largely won over by Chaux N'Merci and her libertarian ways, the regiment was the first PDF unit to declare itself a part of her 'People's Libertine Army'.

As a part of the PDF, the Bloodcoats formed the backbone of the 1 Benq Div's 1st Bde Combat team, as well as having Battalions throughout 1 Benq Div and also within 2 'Hunter' Div.  The Devos IV PDF's Bde Combat Teams are generally two Inf Bn, one Armd Bn, one Fd Arty Bn and a Bde Combat Service Support Bn.  This gives these Bde Combat Teams a size comparable to the average IG regiment, but with a more balanced mix of combat assets. 

In case you were wondering where I got all of the red paint from, these were done by Mr Lee.  He did them all at once in a phenominally short space of time.  I recommend starting here mad bloke surrenders his life to painting little men and just looking at the very fast stages he goes through to get them from sorry to table top.  All Pictures ripped from his blog without permission (Sorry Mr Lee, but your pics are better than mine).


  1. Poor, misguided fools.

    still the bright red should make target acquisition easier.

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