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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

902 Divisional Commander & Staff

General Commandant Welbahnn (Armageddon) is the Divisional Commander of 902 Div.  4* General Zukhov did not want Welbahnn as one of his officers at all.  Zukhov is aware that Welbahnn and General Horpan ("Danny Bloodcoat" the commander of the Separatists) were in the same class at the Imperial Guard staff college on Agripinna.  Just what Zukhov is expecting is unclear.

Dry, punctilious, witty, musically gifted, Welbahnn drifts calmly around his headquarters like someone just taking the air.  Softly spoken (who needs to shout when you have a Division of the Imperial Guard to do your bidding ?) and spare with his gestures, the pace of activity seems to slow in his presence.

The majority of troops manning the headquarters are Necromundians and Cadians.  There is a Vostroyan Liaison Officer, Capt Adjernich, but his HQ is run by this small cadre of driven and trusted individuals.

At the outbreak of hostilities the Divisional Chief of Staff is Colonel Klunck, another Armageddon officer.  He lost his arm fighting Orks, but that was a long time ago and a long way away.  This war is to bring a world back into the Imperial fold.  Klunck is mission focussed, if a little whimsical in his private life.

He lost, as far as he knows, his extended family in Hades hive and will try to improve the lot of war orphans and children generally where ever he can. Klunck has a reoccurring dream where he is in a ballroom dancing competition and his partner is a shark.  The shark cannot live for very long out of water but will eat him if he takes it to water; if they loose the competition he will be executed for losing a ballroom dancing competition.  He has decided that this is some expression of survivor guilt, rather than evidence that he is a fruitcake.

After the final operation to secure the Nolag Heights (901 Cadian Inf Div), there is a general reshuffle of command positions.  Klunck is moved to Korps HQ where he becomes 3* General Tolstoy's Chief of Staff.  He is replaced in 902 Div by the Volscani Col Has.

The 902 Div Operations officer is Colonel Phandaal. He displays a phenomenal ability to absorb and process information. He probably has aspergers - he has very few friends, forces eye contact, lives for his job and has been very successful due to his ability to detect patterns in opposing forces' behaviour, giving his side a tactical advantage.

Once when he had to write up his own staff report, he wrote in that he was passionate about camouflage and misdirection.  This isn't untrue, but is only true because it was written about him fifteen years ago.

Major Nervensäge is Phandaal's staff assistant.  Phandaal is the only person who can put up with him. Nervensage is actually a pariah, a psychic blank, a null. He's only got as far as he has because he's a tough, hard to kill bastard.  But in order to have got where he has, he has accumulated a lot of useful experience and found ways to get results.  Which makes him useful.  The other officers of 19 Armd Regt are very pleased that he's representing them so well in the Headquarters. 

A junior officer once explained habius corpus to Major Nervensage.  Nervensage had him summarily executed as "almost certainly a heretic".  Good enough for the court martial; no further action was taken. 


  1. Lol. Dancing sharks. Cracking stuff as always mate.

  2. "Major Nervensäge " Holy crap. :) I just about spit my coffee out. Love it!

  3. Always please to please, gentlemen. I quite this bunch. Nutters, misfits and inadeqautes all. Just the thing to lead the Division.

  4. Great read! The Dancing Shark dream was funny.