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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Just for fun...

So, thinking about putting things up on the blog, this is just for fun.  Please don't write the answers in the comments, just your score before you had to look anything up.  Now updated with the answers. 

1.   Operation Tonga was the airborne assault phase of which larger operation ?  Overlord

2.  Aircraft belonging to what organisation made the first confirmed fighter kill of WW2 ?  FAA

3.  Aircraft belonging to what organisation made the last confirmed fighter kill of WW2 ? FAA

4.  What was Midas Betancore’s job?  Inquisitorial henchman and pilot

5.  What is the missing name; Eagle, Victorious, Centaur ?  Trick question !  Hermes and Ark Royal

6.  What is a Sverdlov ?  Cold War era Soviet destroyer

7.  Homeworld of the Imperial Guard’s only Thunderbolt unit in the Sabbat Crusade ?  Phantine

8.  What do COSSAC, ISAF and SACEUR stands for ?  Cheif Of Staff Supreme Allied Command, International Security Assistance Force, Supreme Allied Commander EURope

9.  The name of the Royal Navy ship stolen by Jack Sparrow ?  Interceptor

10.  Put the following engagements in the correct date order; Copready Bridge, Edgehill, Lowestoft, Stow on the Wold.  Edgehill, Copready Bridge, Stow on the Wold, Lowestoft 

11.  Which nation’s army contains the Winter Guard and the Widowmakers ?  Khador

12.  Which country is Eben Emel in ?  Belgium

13.  “White City” was a base of operations for which military formation ?  The Chindits

14.  English pop singer whose unit were NATO troops at Pristina Airport in 1999 ?  James Blunt

15.  “Peshmerga” means ?  Those who face death

16.  British Infantry Regt wearing an additional badge on the rear of headdress ? For which battle ?  The Gloucester Regiment, The Battle of Alexandria 1801. 

17.  M-1A2SEPv3 is better known by which name ?  Abrams

18.  What part of the UK was occupied during WW2 ?  The Channel Islands

19.  Corcorans were worn by whom ?  US Airborne forces in WW2

20.  The current Deputy Commander of 3UK Div comes form ?  USA

21.  Who killed Cock Robin ?  The Sparrow


  1. I scored none out of 21.

    I win.

    1. Without cheating on the interwebs, nope.

      The Cock Robin poem I haven't heard or read since I was a child...

      I'll fetch my coat.

  2. It looks like I got 4. And I am happy with that. :)

  3. managed 6, not from the UK but I have heard Cock Robin referenced before but had no idea it was a poem.