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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Third LRMBT for third ASL tank troop

This is the third tank of the third troop in the ASL tank squadron (bringing it up to the same strength as the DKK tank squadron).

You can possibly tell that this pheaton pattern LRMBT arrived with sponsons and the de rigour Las Cannon barbette on the front.  It arrived with a generous layer of black spray paint on - not too much of a problem, as I use black aerosol as undercoat as well.

I chopped out and replaced the upper front section of the hull (yes, it did, the las cannon bit was all glued up.  Fortunately I have other tank hulls available for just such an eventuality. The hull weapon, like the other two tanks in this series of three wears a surplus Heavy Bolter from the DKK tanks.

I have left the plough with the aggressive tines on because it ticks the 'rule of kool' box.  Examining the make up of most tank formations of the cold war, one or two in each was equipped with a plough.
You can see the undercoat rippling along the barrel of the main gun in this picture. 
The Vorpanzer, like all of the others is 0.05mm Plasticard and supports the smoke dischargers and the horizontally mounted searchlight.  Communications and data antennae and stowage to follow.
The best fit I could get for the replacement upper front hull.
The sponsons left a hole (I'd used up all of my spare doors....) so these have been blanked off and decorated with a crest from the Isenkern vehicles.  So we'll see what they look like once painted.  If they still look a bit ropey, then I'll turn the glue-melt scars into rust damage - sponsons must be added and detached from the Departmento Munitorium's stock piles all the time.
Hummm, I'll have to trawl the boxes for the driver's vision port, it stands to reason that if I had a spare hull, I'd have the vision port to go with it.  Somewhere.


  1. Yeah, I always hated the glued mess/nightmare left behind when removing parts (in this case the sponsons)...

  2. Nice work Mr Zzzzzz! Brilliant salvage job and I love the extra armour plating. I feel that every ambulance should be supported by a tank all the time.

  3. Where's the rest of the tank that kindly donated its front hull - or did you source a collection of half kits at some point?

    Love the additions. The DKOK bolter with dust cover shroud is a nice touch.

  4. Liking the look of that, especially the extra armour around the turret. Consider me following for updates.

  5. A nice salvage job! Well done sir, looks great

  6. Shurtzen, that tank needs some shurtzen too.

  7. DMC, It's a hazard of e-bay....

    Col Ack, it depends where you live...

    FM, just left overs from the DKK fleet.

    Rory, you missed the first six, welcome aboard !

    Col S, cheers !

    Dia, I've tried it, it looked daft.

    1. Tall profile to the tank probably causes this? O well.