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Monday, 6 March 2017

Chimera Chassis Sprues

Now these used to be available.  But they aren't any more.  Where ever Chimera kits are made these days, they are boxed and sealed before GW get their hands on them, so it's not so much that they won't release them to us; at the moment, they can't.  Apparently.

I know this as I managed to engage the poor guy on the other end of the phone.  He was apologetic and not at all phased by the random request.  I followed up with an email:


I just spoke with a helpful man on your phone line. He suggested written feedback.

What I asked for is nine (9) Chimera Chassis Sprues. These used to be available but apparently arn't any more.

Nine bagged Chimera Chassis Sprues + Postage would likely be a ball park cost of £100. Nine boxed Chimera Kits + Postage would be well over twice that and leave me with a pile of bits I don't really need. So we'd be savin' the planet an' all that, as well as money.

And several hours later, I had a reply:

 Re: Customer feedback

Today, 17:06


  1. Fantastic conversions, however you'll not impress GW if they find that you want only the needed sprues in order to use 3rd party conversion kits. Everyone else would agree with that notion, but GW sees themselves as the center of everyone's universe...

  2. I agree with Cheef, GW would not be happy but we really would if they adopted this sort of approach.