Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Friday, 28 July 2017

Crowded skies

This is the T-65 Strike Fighter, as flown in number by the PDF.  Their two single crewed airframes were the locally reproduced lightening, flown in the air defence (interceptor) role and the T-65 Strike Fighter flown in the 'strike' or ground attack role.

Certainly with an internal bay holding a pair of air to ground (hunter killer) Anti armour missiles and its quad las cannons, it was an unwelcome reminder to 72AG that the PDF was still operative during their advance across the prairies of central Benq. 

However, the Imperial Navy did maintain air superiority and the individual raiders were invariably hunted down.

I keep hearing "Open wings to attack formation" in my head.  Of course the Thunderbolts did not everything their own way; as they closed in on Xyphoinca, they sometimes found themselves the hunted. 

A Xana II (sing it, everyone ! who doesn't like ELO ?) lineage HellBlade in Black Legion colours.

The HellBlade must be extremely confident to take on two Thunderbolts; like I noted in the previous post, if it gets in front of Thunderbolt, it's toast.

However, the appearance of the forces of chaos proper, emerging from the warp will invariably trigger a response from those watching from the webway:

Void Dragon's might technically be pirates, by they're still Eldar.  If they've appeared above Devos IV, then it wouldn't be coincidence.  Here configured for an air superiority role.

Hurrah !  (and thanks to Andy BG) I really must dig out the transfers for these.

The HellBlade (based to match the Brick of Scrutiny) attempts to peel away.  Possibly for the best.


  1. Nice. A refreshing touch of reality when dealing with 40K air stuff.

  2. Wow - air wars too now. Wonder if you could just run a game based on a Topgun scenario with these?