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Monday, 17 July 2017

Skies with out flies and ground of rubble.

The lack of infantry resources for 3422AG is a thing which came to the attention of the Lord General as a part of the usual monthly discourse (which he likes to think of as “Strategic War Progress Conferences” but are actually routine management meetings).  

The Macharian 203rd were a part of the reinforcement chain from the DM, brought in on the Optime 3.  The Ordo Hereticus, having witnessed the first part of the campaign, instruct the IG on Devos IV to reinforce 903 Div of 72AG.  Lord General Zukhov’s intention to send another infantry regiment to 3422AG made more military sense on one level, although may just have encouraged him to order the formations east of the city into action before they had adequate resources across all arms to achieve optimal synergy for the forthcoming operations.

The People’s Libertine Army is no longer the former Planetary Defence Force and a few add ons.  It is now roving bands of militia gangs eeking out a living in the ruins of their once proud capital city.  The remnants of the PLA lack the organisation or resources to mount an offensive, although still pose a threat to the forces investing the city and a significant obstacle to final victory.

Comptrollor Bellormus has secured a Jornathi Unit, the Kula Conservator Cohort (KCC), an experienced and recently reconstituted Imperial Guard formation from a world which has fought a multi-generational war against Ork infestation.  Assisted from the outset by numerous Astartes formations, it’s only with recent strategic and tactical interventions by the Mortifactors and Sons of Medusa (along with massive IG reinforcements from Sector Command, spurred on my the Astartes involvement) that the campaign has subsided to the level of ‘pest control’.

As with everything done by his Plenipotentiates, the Lord General feigns disinterest and a desire for more, sooner and better.  He has no idea what the DM has achieved in resourcing his war; he has not asked about the KCC and so Comptroller Bellormus has not told him.   The KCC consists of ten infantry regiments broadly formed on Tallarn lines[1] and one mechanised regiment.

Re-organised with their own post war identity even stronger than before, the KCC’s constituent regiments have all been named after significant actions which mean something to any student of Jornathi Military History.  Note that there is no ‘6th Regt’ for obvious reasons[2].  These honorifics did not exist during the Jornathi Ork Wars, as most of these honours stem from that conflict. 

1st Suetonious Regt
2nd Usamiljen Regt
3rd Berhas Regt
4th Nizajain Regt
5th Oakenzid Regt
7th Bolasku (the 906ers) Regt
8th Grehazin Regt
9th Remits Maw Regt
10th Gruffmans Plaza Regt
11th Vasinus Honourias (The Old Guard) Regt
12th Rothresh Mechanised Regt

The KCC is headed by a Regent General.  3* General Muntenfur (the Plenipotentiate for war, effectively the man running the war for the Lord General) has made the Regent General a part of the Imperial General Staff, allowing the KCC to be split between the two Corps of 3422AG.  Regiment numbers 1 to 5 will go to 44 Corps and regiment numbers 7 to 11 will go to 6 Corps with the 12th Regt being established, at least for the time being, as the AG’s reserve[3].

What effectively happened after the KCC deployed was that as they integrated in to the fabric of 3422AG, aided by the fact that their titular head was in the Imperial General Staff (in fact becoming Muntenfur’s Deputy)[4] and that one of their constituent units formed the basis for the AG HQ, is that by time 3422AG began their assault on Xyphonica in earnest, their C3 largely followed Jornathi procedures, allowing for a more cohesive performance from all levels of command down to Battalion level[5]

[1] Each of approximately 22000 men under arms.  At the end of the Jornath Wars, the KCC was no where near its TO&E and received help not only in reconstituting itself, but as an exemplar IG formation, acting as a cadre for rebuilding the PDF.  Immediately after which it was demanded as part of the planetary tithe by the DM. 
[2] And quite probably this has filtered down into the PDF – it is quite possible that there are no ‘No 6s’ anywhere in the Jornathi military, at least for the time being.
[3] Eventually reinforced by the Ankran 107th Mechanised Infantry, 5 battalions of Chimerae mounted infantry.   It would be these men, along with the mechanised Jornathi who effectively formed another division, plugging the gap torn in the Hrossy Yeomanry by the unexpected assault of the World Eaters in the plastic millinery.
[4] Indeed, the Regent General became CIGS (Chief of the Imperial General Staff) after the first round of purges and succeeded Muntenfur after the second round of purges.
[5] The lack of Orks, important role in the army at large, elevated position of the Regent General and finding themselves a part of a functional, successful (so far) campaign (as opposed to a cluster feth) all serve to bouy the morale of the KCC, despite the regiments being assigned to different Corps within 3422AG; something which the common soldier would probably not even notice anyway.  


  1. Well, I am impressed. You really have your fluff down. Do you also have the models to back it up?

  2. It's depth upon depth. Love it

  3. Love this!! The integration into the wider force, and especially the regiment names corresponding to major actions in the campaign. (plus the title made me laugh)