Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Gene Stealer cultist conversions.

Next onto the BoS are half a dozen of the gene stealer cultists converted to Iggies.  All of the cult symbols were removed, and where removal was not an option, they have been covered over with purity seals (oh, the irony).   Two of them even have devotional aqilla on their shoulders, tiny brass etch.  Claws replaced by hands (much easier to go to the loo with proper hands, if you wear clothes).

Now, these are awful.  I made a huge mistake.  After base coating them green I dipped them in army painter strong tone and then just left left them, assuming it would naturally flow off, doing it's 'dip' job and leaving me the relatively straightforward job of just colouring in the bits that needed it.

Of course it didn't flow at all and I ended up with guys who looked like they'd been slimed in some grimdark version of Ghostbusters.  I got off as much as I could and cracked on with the repair job.  So whilst I'll hold my hands up to not just 'not great' but actually 'not very good at all'.  Nonetheless, much better than they were and finished (there are three or four greens on these).

There are another half dozen somewhere with helmets on.  I'll find them somewhere, I'm sure.


  1. They are cool, they look like elite Colonial Marines or spec ops. The dark tone mistake is not that obvious, only when reading could I observe.

  2. I really need to get some of those cultists!

  3. Very cool! The GS cultists are such a cool basis for conversions.

  4. They look like something out of Dune - I approve.

  5. I have fundamentally never trusted dip, and will never use it...

  6. Like the muted palette- quite a lot.

  7. Arrr. I am a dip expert. I will teach you when I pop over. It is an art in itself to do it well.
    These guys are ace by the way!! ;)