Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Friday, 25 May 2018

Armageddon Steel Legion muster

With the new, additional units I fancied a look at the whole detachment.  There was a sunny day and they suddenly appeared around the BoS. 

There's not much room on the little green table and they're jammed in hull to hull.

Part of reason for getting them all out is to compare and contrast where the tracks and the weathering are and decide what needs doing next for the sake of homogeneity.

Most of the stuff is OK and doesn't look too out of kilter with the rest, obviously the WIP mortian tanks need work but that's just the base colour on there

A troop of stompa-hunters, 'cause Sentinels rarely get much love.

And the other troop.

SA7's not much good without missiles. 

Panzer Companie leader and 2iC. 

The Chimerae tracks are entirely rust atm, so they need work as well.

And there's some WIP stuff on the table as well, This is the first of the next three Sentinels and there's another Zug of Mortians to get table ready as well. 

Happy days.


  1. Good gawds man... How on earth do you expect your children to offload this stuff upon your timely demise?

    1. If my nephew does not take up 40K, Col Scipio is much younger then me....

  2. Great to see them all on parade! Looks cool, thanks

  3. That is an impressive muster!

  4. Gorgeous.

    Need to consider 40k Tanker-ing...

  5. By the way, that camo looks just brilliant!

  6. Cheers gents ! I need to get them out on a proper table to show their proper organisation and disposition.

  7. Awesomeness - Nothing more stirring than a whole mess of guard tanks ranked up and ready to roll out!