Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Saturday, 25 May 2019

Secenary WiPs

Here's a section of wall.  Base colours only so far (double yellow lines next).  And I need to put end sections on as well

There are banners to be hung from the horizontal bars.  

Superheavy tank for scale. 

Assorted statues, various sources, sprayed with wilko's own brand copper 'craft' spray and then washed with the GW verdigris wash stuff.  

Sentinel for scale

And here it is again, peeking through a pedestrian gate in another wall section. 

And another gate section.  Either the two SM statues or the Basillica ones are going in front of the two large uprights.

Like I say, just base colours so far.  More to do


  1. That is fantastic! Nicely done, man!

  2. Great stuff and great scale, large majestic pieces. The new SM statues from the Killteam box will be great for that piece awaiting statues.

  3. My daughter really needs to move out so I have more space to create....

    Nice work.

  4. Mate, spaces available at the 28th-29th Titan Walk, just up the road? Come join in and walk together Brother Princeps?! https://titanownersclub.blogspot.com/2019/05/walk-2019-uk-34-days-away-last-few.html

  5. Looking great mate. Your tables are going to end up even more spectacular than they already were.

  6. Go big or go home? Love the statues in particular.

  7. Beautiful work there Trump. That'll keep the Mexicans err Europeans out.

    Banners will look great on that bad boy.

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