Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Saturday, 22 June 2019

Random aquistion No1

I take No1 daughter to Banbury every other Saturday morning.  Whilst she is trampolining, I get a coffee, go to the comic shop, drop in on the GW and so on.  Occasionally there's a marker stall which does toy cars.  First edition dinky toys in their boxes for £50 all the way down to the rummage box which usually contains a load of old rubbish. 

But a casual glance brought my eye to this old thing, the head lamps and front bumper are broken off, the drop top is missing and the windscreen frame might not survive being stood back up.  But it is the right scale.  If 'stealer cults have limos, those vehicles have to come from somewhere, right ?  There will be folk in the hive who can afford things like this ?  PDF staff car, anyone ? 

So one for the pile.  Hoping to one day blend it in with these:

I only hope I get Dick Dastardly enough...


  1. I think your find is probably a more likely car for the everyday joe/cleric/citizen than the other two battle cars. In that sense I like the current cult vehicle as they are commandeered utility vehicles rather than pure bread battle tanks. GW really should make "normal" vehicles as terrain...
    Love to see what you do with this one.

  2. Potential. Just needs a hotrod intake and a gaudy hood ornament prehaps.

  3. Or Maximilian 1934? Just sayin'...

    1. Oh yes. Good shout. Hopefully the addition of one or two zinge bits will keep it bargainsome