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Friday, 21 February 2020

87th Motor Rifle Regiment.

Uizawa is populated world within the hegemony of Hydrapour; there are four regions. Sukhumvit, around one of the magnetic poles, is the most populous, with over a dozen hive cities. 

Sleve McDiachal was an officer in the PDF; he had progressed from the ranks through platoon command and as an experienced company commander was looking forward to battalion command. 

The region of Slemdome was prosperous and reasonably happy; yes most of the population lived in one of the eight Hive cities, but that was largely due to the deathworld like jungles covering Slemdome, nothing like the lethality of Catachan, but still not safe for people or undefended argiculture.

The Motor Rifle regiment to which McDiachal belonged duties included regular sweeps of the fenced and fortified farm areas, warding off and where necessary, hunting down the Giant Wallarb, who would leap the fence and browse on the crops. And occasionally browse on the farmers as well. And dealing with packs of Krung who might find a breach and break in and ravage any unfortunate livestock or agri workers they find. 

The inquisition uncovered evidence of heresy; a network of sedition in most of the hives in Sukhumvit. There was suspicion of heresy spreading out to hives in other regions and the man in charge, a Purtian called Hallas Blingnor, having mobilised all of the local law enforcement, called in the Adeptus Sororitas and then the Black Templars as the requirement to purge grew.

"Krung Hunter" Company of 87th Motor Rifle Regiment was at the furthest extent of their patrol when the Brothers of the Lostwithial came to purge their home hive. Castellian Brodeep was running out of time and patience and the Soroitas had finished their pogrom and were pulling out. He felt disinclined to conduct any screening or interrogation; so the Black Templars carried out a complete purge. 

Sleve McDiachal and his men have sworn revenge on the Brothers of the Lostwithial and if they can, Inquisitor Blingnor. Having looked at the available options, they collectively made the deliberate choice to embrace the ruinous powers to improve their chances. 

They too, have now also found their way to Devos IV.


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