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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

This has been project HQ since April

This has been my workspace for all those months. This is it after tidying and moving most it home. The door to the cabin is just out of shot to the right and is open. Also a lot of leaves have fallen off of the trees and this shot was taken at about mid day. So it all looks quite light.

For most of the year, the leaf cover was very thick and due to the long hours on the pipeline project, I didn't get in here until about 20:00. You can see the mezzanine floor at the top of the picture. The main light for the cabin is near the apex of the roof; so between the tree cover, late hour and cabin lighting, the workspace was not light enough to work in, hence me bringing two lights from home.

So in the company of http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio2/shows/the-radcliffe-and-maconie-show/ for eight hours a week for six months I've been gluing and painting. I have really enjoyed being in the cabin and must thank Alasdair and Maggie for their horse brutality.

This is it from the outside, showing the bathroom extension. It looks very low here, but the floor is at ground level and not at the raised floor level of the rest of the cabin, so there is enough headroom.

It is quite a wonderful place, in the spring the woodland floor is blue with bluebells (there are also wood anemonies here as well as dogs mercury and lords and ladies deeper into the wood). It'd be a wonderful place to grow up.
Anyway. I'm moving my last possessions out today.

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