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Sunday, 1 November 2009

Potentially icky. PE Spoiler

OK. So during the 'Lost Temple of Demogorgon', Tud received a broken hip and femur. With no real medical care to speak of, with a long (well over a week) cross country journey through the mountains in atrocious weather, he should have died. Even once back in the Agadir, the amount of marrow in his bloodstream would have killed him. Two deaths. Dead twice. A PC bites the dust.

But Tud had previously spent some time looting corpses and stuffing what he had already been told (and could probably tell for himself by their creepiness) were demon tainted bits and peices down his underpants.

So then. Anyone wanna guess why Tud is still alive ?


  1. cos 'es a well-ard son of a beech?

  2. Possibly. He was favoured by the Oerickan Raven-totem-animal-spirit as FG's protector. Which is what saved him after the orc ambush. So this was severed when they went to TNO and then re-estblished (albeit weaker)when they returned. After the Iron Kingdoms the link wasn't re-established, not surprising as he no longer thought of her as particularly worthy.

    So yes, he was picked by one power on account of his toughness. Now obviously marked out as a plaything of the gods, perhaps other powers are taking an interest.