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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Auditing the Contractor this morning

But did a bit more painting last night. Again, apologies for the quality of the pictures. The Vostroyan HW teams are now ready for the tabletop. Their Shako/Bearskin/bonnet/titfa's might get a drybrush with a lighter colour, but they're good to go. The Italiari 1/35th scale sandbags do look a little big if you look and think about it too long. Meh, they could easily be sacks of some foodstuff or other. Managed to get a few colours on the others as well. Note coffee cup to the left. My water pots are to the right. ;)
I pulled the ASL HB teams out of the box to continue their decoration as well. Interesting contrast between the set spray-undercoated black and the ones where the figures were brush undercoated grey. I find the black-undercoated figures tend to be easier to shade (well, who'd have thought that ?) but the base will take a lot more work to bring it up to the tone required. That can wait for the airbrush...

All of the ASL batches appear to have a different coat on their, er, coats. Some a revel paint similar to Kommando Khaki, some Tamiya, some are Kommando Khaki. When the whole lot are done I might go over them with a unifying coat. Almost certainly Kommando Khaki.

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