Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Friday, 19 February 2010

The end of a bout of frenzied activity

I didn't manage to do any work on these, but thought I'd include them for interest. The fellows with the HB are a viridian MG team. To the right are 1st Ed iggies with shoulder mounted las cannons. I've erroniously mounted them on 40mm bases, rather than 60mm bases. But they arn't going to see competitive use so I'm too worried about that. Also the FW vraksian Hvy Stubber teams are on 40mm bases as well so I might cook up some rule for a half way house HW team movement for these more portable crew served weapons. Any ideas ? Someone already got a house rule for this out there ?
The Vostroyans are ready for the tabletop. The ASL HW teams have a lot of their required paint on, but still need a bit of TLC.Bloodcoat mortar spam; These chaps are also accumilating colours as well, so they might be ready sometime this year. In action the Bloodcoat's indirect fire assets are rounded out by a battery of three quad guns. hurrah !

Bloodcoat auto cannon teams; got on a bit further with these. So things are looking up for the Bloodcoats.

That's more of less it for the time being. I'll be able to do a bit more in March sometime; Hopefully by then the weather will have dried out enough to try out the airbrush. Fingers crossed.

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