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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A series of boring meetings by day

And painting by night. Back in the cabin, on the second night I'm just about getting back into the, swing of it. Still not 'enjoying' it fully yet, but then I havn't finished anything yet. Which I believe is my great motivator to spur me onto doing more.
So I've undercoated nine Bloodcoat Motar Teams, three Vostroyan HB teams, Three Vostroyan LC teams and Three ASL LC Teams. And have begun basecoating as well. Sorry about the photo quality, but it's moblie phone camera and desk lamp lighting. Here they all are undercoated. I don't know where the watercolour brush came from, but it left bubbles on the figures like you wouldn't believe.

Here are some of them with their base coats going on. You can see the tentacle pink on the teams on the left and the ones with red gore on the right. There's a smattering of green on the mortar teams and a couple of colours on the ASL. Hopefully more tonight. I've brought more or less all of the little men with me to Kent, but if I get these HW Teams done this week, I'll be happy.
Oh, btw, a warm welcome to Soviet Space.

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