Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Pimp my (Ordos Hereticus) ride

In the late 1970's the swiss designed a purpose built recce vehicle called the piranha. The US and the Aussies both retain it's amphibious capability. The Cadian version is called the Coyote. All are in service at the moment in Afghanistan.
If you've got a few quid to blow then instead of that last pint, this month's Military Modelling International contains a Coyote conversion using this very model as a basis:
I have replaced the perfectly normal and adequate 20mm bushmaster auto cannon barrel with a preadator autocannon. There is a length of brass rod up the middle to keep it pointing in the right direction. I've also festooned it with =I= etched brass. Needless to say, the LAV 25 model has been sitting in plastic crack mountain for two years, about half as long as the etched brass. e This is it with the multi shade grey, grey, grey and grey camouflage pattern. You'll have to take my word for it, it looks even better in the 'flesh'. The reason it is still in bits painted is that it was held together by the masking tape for the cam to be applied, so the paint job is cohesive. Leaving it to be split apart again afterwards was designed to allow the 'glass blocks' to go into position in the periscope holes without being painted over. The 'glass blocks' were a thick clear film which even with the super must have GW yellow handled tweezers, refused to go in. Sod it, I thought.
It's now together with blue crew hatches on the turret, to tie the vehicle into the Inquistrix's force by colour, as well as having =I= badges all over the place.