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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Technologically retarded

There's a bit in this months WD where the guy who drafted the Spearhead supliment describes the Imperial Guard's vehicles as resting somewhere between WW1 and WW2 (with added zap guns) in terms of AFV technology.The thing that grates slightly is that so far through our history, those who have innovated have been the winners. I know that we can have more advanced vehicles from different planets where things arn't quite so dogmatic, so no real complaint there.

These things have no suspension to speak of, rather like a modern buldozer or 360 excavator. The suspension on these is in the seating and the lack of flex in the running gear is to keep the damn thing still whilst it does it's job (moving earth). In the LRMBT and Chimera this would compensate for a lack of hi-tech gun levelling mechanism. It'd still be rubbish, but it wouldn't be able to bounce on its springs when it fired its battle cannon.
Woe betide the Iggy AFV crew, whose attrition rate is going to be related as much to muscular-skeletal disorders as it is to enemy action.


  1. Sounds like my car on low profile racing tyres.

  2. Hang on a minute ... that's my paint scheme! Shadow/Codex Grey!?!

    There was a superb article on the 'stupidity' of the Imperial Guard tanks. Including for example:

    * Too many guns (where's all the ammo)
    * Likewise, where do all the crew go?
    * Sponson guns ... pointless as they couldn't hit anything.
    * Lack of suspension making shooting impossible (let alone ride handling)
    * Encircling tracks were dropped after WW1 as too vulnerable to stray shot, sticky bombs etc
    * Clearance (what clearance) ... these tanks would get grounded on hills all the time ... let alone the superheavy?!?

    And that was about it ... let alone the most obvious one:

    Wearing power armour inside a tank? Any questions? Since the biggest risk is being charbroiled to death, it doesn't really help.

  3. Exactly ! All of that.

    And don't fear about the paintwork; there all repainted now.