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Sunday, 10 October 2010

The cabal of the Broken Tea Spoon

I'm quite excited about the new DE figures. I havn't been able to get shredders, so GW actually making them again will be nice. Hopefully I'll pursuade someone to get me some for Christmas or something.

Cyrxian Harrower Helljack Thingamyjig o' Doom.

My DE army is bascially an apoc splinter riad force with a few other bits and peices. It is fast, but the new figures will look better than the existing. Plastic warp beasts will be good, but not as good as a plastic Talos. (the Privateer Press Harrower makes a really good Talos - If PP do this in plastic then any new GW Talos will have to be beat it)

This DE army has now gone to Kent, to terrorise the wabbit, probably.

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