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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Not 40K

I spent in week in June with Mrs Zzzzzz and our friends Steve and Kath. Steve and I have climbed together in the Alps and New Zealand. The ladies let us out to play, so we went up and had a nosey around the Hellbrunner and a closer look at the Dent De Giant.

The scenery is all quite impressive. If was at all dilignet, knowing where these pictures were taken from, I could look at a map and work out which mountains these are. Basically, if you're climbing in this part of the world, keeping an eye on the weather to the south, you can see the weather building from the south, so occasionally there is a mad race to get back to the safety of the valley before the thunder storm reaches where you are.

This is me on the way back. My nose looks white because my face is plastered in sunblock. Still slightly sunny here.

It is quite a wonderful thing for me, being in the mountains. It's one of those things that can be retrospectively pleasurable - ie at the time it can be bloody knackering. This is less than ten minutes later, further down the same arrete; see the weather change.

This last picture is from the cable car that runs between Italy and France. If ever you are in Courmayour or Chamonix with a day to spare and the sky is clear; popping across to the other place on the telepherique is a nice way to spend the day; The views are magnificent and an' all that. And sunny again, you'll note.

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