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Monday, 11 October 2010

Hakisyke & Danny Bloodcoat

Post landing the 73rd Army Group needed a Headquarters Location. Margrav Hakisyke, a leading light of the Loyalists in Acer, offered up his ancestral home to General Zhukov. The Margrav’s son was duly commissioned into the PDF in short order, despite being untrained and (just) under aged.
The 17th Battle Group HQ are lodged a few kilometres away at the market town of Peltor. 902 Inf Bde (currently the only one they have) is encamped around the commercial city of Sandvik, some 48km to the East. Unlike the stately but remote Hakisyke, or the prosperous but provincial Peltor, Sandvik has good communication links and plenty of hardstanding and warehousing. Any protests from local business regarding the sequestering of their assets are being channelled through the local government (to Margrav Hakisyke’s town office).
Daniel Horpan
Daniel Horpan joined the Devos IV PDF as an officer cadet seventeen years ago. He spent eight years within the 99th (“the Bloodcoats”) Regiment before becoming company commander. From there he moved to Maj Gen Firth’s staff as a planning officer. Firth, recognising his talent, despatched him to Agripinna to serve in the Imperial Guard for a few years. Six years later Colonel Horpan returned to command the 99th.
In the last three years, Horpan has been courted personally by Chaux Na Mrr’see herself. She obviously thought that she might need an able military commander on her side. Horpan is staunchly loyal to his birthworld. Colonel-Commandant Welbhann, the commander of the 902 Inf Bde knew Horpan on Agripinna. Despite being from quite different backgrounds (Welbhann is from Armageddon), Welbhann believes that Horpan has somehow deluded himself that his following the creed of Chaux Na Mrr’see is in line with his loyalties as former officer of the IG and senior figure in the Devos IV PDF.
The 99th Regt were delighted to find themselves commanded by Horpan. “Danny Bloodcoat” he is known as. They are encouraged by his elevation to (as they see it) strategic commander of the PDF. The creed of Chaux Na Mrr’see has become all the more popular thereby. Such is his reputation that the 13th Mech and other formations within the PDF, as well as the militia, have ‘bought in’ to his campaign. Having held posts in Agripinna for so long, he knows what is coming. Col Cmdt Welbhann knows that 902 Bde is not enough to take the planet. He knows from Gen Tolstoy that Gen Zhukov’s plan is to get 902 Bde so badly mauled that Driftward Command either flesh out the rest of 17 BG or (better yet) send a proper sized army to Devos IV.

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