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Thursday, 6 January 2011

2010 round up

Well, not as much as 2009.

But I have put together another platoon of blood coats (five squads)
another a couple of squads of loyalist IG of various shades.
eight LRMBT
one Valk
a wall (the aqilla shrine)
the three wolvarine armoured cars (based on a 'russ hull they are huge - the size of a tank no less)
And started two squads of melta vets (for the blood coats)
and started two squads of IG.

In terms of progress elsewise, during the meanwhilst I got to grips with my airbrush, put paint on nearly everything (ie a base colour over the basecoat)and then broke the airbrush somehow.

I also bought Soviet Space's Siam Hain and have finally got to grips with painting my DKK by paying someone else to do it.

So hopefully the Devos IV campaign will actually get underway this year. Given enough warm weather, I should be able to spend more than ten minutes in the garage before freezing to incompetance; getting some of my terrain peices finished.

And I must mention the Kataan Updates blog; if you like the idea of build your own armour, this is inspirational. Both the recent updates and the archive. Nice to see blogomancy in action.

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