Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Hurtling headlong towards readiness.

13th Mech's Rough Riders with their Chaos Hound screen. Of course they are more of a CC threat, but they all move the same and should be interesting on the table top. Anyway, these are now based (after lanquishing for a year or more) and ready to basecoat.

Basecoating in the garage - I've got the Cadian 144th Recce Regt nearly ready for the table top - tranfers and pin washes on the wolverines and weasels. Sprayed the insides of the valks, so crew next and then they can be put together.

Kado 540th. Again, based and basecoated 26 of these guys. Pig Iron Heads, iggy arms and greatcoat bodies.

Bloodcoats, based and basecoated fourty of these boys - iggy legs, FW Vraks torso and greatcoat stormtrooper arms.

An Emperor's Children speeder. S'mazin' what you see on Devos IV. Three more of these to do.

Got to think about the transfers for 79th Armd Regt. And picking up some more kits that are waiting for me somewhere.

The whole Devos IV project, has for me, been revitalised by the sudden rush of progress. I am enthused and looking forward to April or May when hopefully the armies will be ready and the scenery ok as well.

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