Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Friday, 14 January 2011

22nd Armd Regt ASL Colour Scheme

This is it; Citadel Chaos black undercoat, Tamiya German Grey and Army Painter Necrotic Flesh Camoflague striping. The authentic ASL colour scheme, perhaps. These are now ready for transfers, detailing and all that other stuff.

I'm still really pleased with the vorpanzer on the LRMBT turrets. I'm sure if I were a sentinal pilot, I'd want an ejector seat; failing that, an infantry escort. Not that an armoured cab is a bad thing, certainly better than just a roll cage.


  1. I love that paint scheme. It reminds me of 1980s urban warfare camo.

  2. I'm aiming for "proper" ASL colours.

    No idea what GW were thinking of when they intially made it up, I suppose the Armageddon ash wastes could be grey and eau de nile.