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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

New style LRMBT vorpanzer

This is one of the new style LRMBT turrets along side one of the old ones. Both have plasticard vorpanzer. To try for homogenity across the fleet, the template for the angled sections either side of the gun is the same one I used for the old type. Which is in itself based on the profile of that part of the turret.

Hopefully with the existing turret, you get an idea of how it'll turn out. And also how different it might be. The new turret has a much more 'modern' look, IMHO. In shilouette it resembles a Merkava turret. Well, a little bit anyway.

There's three of these to do, to add another troop to the panzer squadron; I might alternate them with the Thunderers. But the thing is to try to make them look "the same but different". So each subsequent model is based on the one before but without cutting out dozens of sets of templates; for one thing, for instance, having built one Thunderer, the next one will be quicker and better built.

There. Makes a change from riots.

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