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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Sticking my head above the parapet

The idea of putting out a Codex in WD has a certain appeal. However it has its drawbacks as well. I bought the WD with the first part of the SoB Codex in it. It is not as robust as a proper codex and will not last as long, even if I resist the urge to rip the pages out. Also it appears to only be six or eight pages (can't be bothered to get up and look, sorry) which means that the whole thing will be less than twenty pages (?) So it would seem unreasonable to expect the sophisication one would ususally associate with a 40K codex.

I never wanted a SoB army. They always seemed a little to up their own arses for me. I imagined Eisenhorn or Ravenor type bands, supported by ISTs. Perhaps even Jaq Draco, although I may be going back a bit too far...

Anyway, the point was that, equipped with the Witch Hunter codex, you could build a proper Ordo Hereticus warband or an army of power armoured breasts. Now, I havn't seen the second part of the WD codex, but it does look awfully slanted towards SoB, rather than being something that could elegantly allow one to field a Hereticus warband without any of Sisters of Perpetual PMT. Ho hum.

Yes I am just shooting my mouth off prematurely, but this is the interweb, after all.

Angry Birds, indeed.

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