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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Legs. And alternatives to Cadians

For a long time, the lack of legs has hindered Vraks renegade armies everywhere. Either there weren't the legs for the renegades or there were scores of cadian torsos and heads languishing in boxes for want of some form of parambulatory aparatus. No longer. Pig Iron have finally answered the call with something more than suitable, something which cries out for another platoon or two of renegades.


My poor old bloodcoats have not seen enough love recently. Thrown together and haphazardly painted, they were always 'the opposition' for my beloved Iggies to defeat. And incase your havn't seen them yet, check these babies out:


Much better than the Wargames Factory's Greatcoat Stormtroopers. I can already feel my credit card heating up.


  1. The Kolony rebel legs look like a win, bit Ill be honest I'm not sold on the USMC guys...

    it's the helmets.




  2. Great stuff! I'm doing a Renegade army and struggled to muster the necessary limbs as well, and have just ordered a huge pack of them. This is a win!